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Monday, 7 October 2013

Clean Eating Ideas

Here are some pictures from my instagram @thechicphysique of what I ate last week to give you some ideas that you can use:-

Top Left: Clean eating dessert: Baked apple with Greek yoghurt- core an apple, cover in cinnamon and bake until soft. Serve with greek yoghurt.
Bottom Left: Snack: Wholemeal cracker with hummus
Main:Dinner/Lunch idea: Salmon salad

 Breakfast of champions: Rolled steel oats (made with water) add almond milk or rice syrup for taste; spinach and feta omelette and protein shake.
Lunch idea-Feta and Spinach fittatas:-So simple. Put 4 eggs into large bowl (2 whites, 2 yolks) add spinach, feta cheese or any ingredient of your choice. Beat it together and pour into a baking dish.

Cheat Day: Dessert Idea: Wholemeal scones
Dessert Idea: Clean eating banoffi pie. Follow the below link for the recipe.