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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

No Access to a Gym? Find out how to get lean abs, arms and legs at home

I decided last minute to go to Ireland for a week to visit my family. In Ireland I don't have a car and no access to a gym so I do my own workouts in my sitting room. I always bring my gym boss with me as it allows for a more intense workout. I also bring my skipping rope as it doesn't take up much room and its a great full body exercise which gets your heart rate up between isolated exercises.

Lower Body

I try to do two or three lower body exercises a week as the lower body is the hardest part for a girl to gain defined muscle. Even though I didn't have access to heavy weights, I still created a tough body weight workout which had my glutes burning. Its good to exercise with light weights or no weights sometimes so you can focus on techniques for example trying to squat really deep.

5 rounds

1. Air Squat- 20 reps
2. Bulgarian Split Squat (L) -15 reps
3. Bulgarian Split Squat (R)- 15 reps
4. Back Leg Lunge (one leg at a time)- 15 reps each
5. Curtsy Lunge (one leg at a time)- 15 reps each
6. Hip Bridge - 20 reps

If you want to get your heart rate up between exercises add in 30 seconds/ minute of skipping between exercises

Upper body

I incorporate lots of compound exercises which work the whole body and create lean toned arms-push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, star jumps, mummy kicks etc. Try incorporate a compound exercise (an exercises which works various muscle groups at the same time) with an isolated exercise (which works one muscle at a time) e.g. biceps curls, hammer curls, shoulder presses etc.

3 rounds for beginners
5 rounds for advanced

1. Dive Bomber Push Ups- 20 reps
2. Shoulder Press with dumbbells (grab something heavy like milk cartons)- 15 reps
3. Half Burpee Push Up- 20 reps
4. Lateral Raises- 15 reps
5. Mountain Climbers- 20 reps
6. Front Raises- 15 reps


No need to focus too much on abs all the above exercises work your core and your obliques to give you that lean look. If you have a lot of weight to lose I would focus on doing lots of cardio HIIT workouts as above and when you have leaned out then focus more on abs. If you are quite lean add in a three minute abs exercise after your HIIT cardio or incorporate it into your workout e.g. Push up and abs tucks or Mountain climbers etc

If you are looking for more home workout ideas check out my Bikini Challenge which contains weeks of workout ideas. Copy and paste the below link or click on the bikini challenge on the top right hand side of the blog page.