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Monday, 3 June 2013

Bikini Challenge Week 3 Day 6

Give it your all for the last challenge this week. Today's exercise focuses on chest and biceps. This is a great full body workout.

It is a REPS Challenge with one minute cardio exercise in between each exercise to get your heart rate up so you are burning fat.

2 rounds

1. Bridge Chest Press x 15 reps

1 minute -skipping/high knees

2. 3D Push up x 10 reps ( 1 rep is one wide push up, one diamond push up, 2 climbing push ups (L +R))

1 minute-skipping/high knees

3. Push up Standing bicep curl and press x 20

1 minute-skipping/high knees

4. 5 row 3 biceps curl 1 press x 10 reps

1 minute- skipping/high knees

Beginners: 1 Rounds

Muscles Worked: Chest, Biceps, Bum, Legs, Shoulder, Abs, Triceps, Back