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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Food Diary Wednesday: Guess what is worse than Coca Cola for your health?

You will never guess this…………FRUIT SMOOTHIES.

There is actually more sugar in a fruit smoothie than in a can of coke. A can of coke has about 40grams of sugar but a fruit smoothie has THREE TIMES more sugar than coca cola. I am talking about so called “healthy smoothies” that you buy in a smoothie shop or in a supermarket. I remember when I lived in Australia I lived for Boost smoothies. After reading a recent article by Joel Marion of BioTrust Nutrition I will now think twice before I get another one. Is it worth destroying all my good work for?

How are they bad for you?

Fruit smoothies may have a healthy image but they are packed with “hidden sugars”. Smoothies contain ingredients such as high fructose syrup, fruit juice concentrates and artificial flavours and colours which are high in sugar.

You should be having roughly two pieces of fruit a day. A lot of smoothies have many more that the required amount. Boost Smoothies however, are made with real juice but they are also energy dense close to 478 calories per regular serve-about same as a large meal. For my height and weight I have a daily allowance of 1200 calories in order to maintain the same weight, so that would be a large chunk of my allowance gone for the day.

You should really consider all the ingredients in a drink before making a choice. Remember never go for a large size as they are so energy dense and have lots of sugars in them which will be stored as fat. Ensure that the ingredients are fresh, whole preferably and that juice is real. But remember even real fruit juice has a high sugar content and not ideal if trying to lose weight.

Try homemade smoothies instead and try leave out the fruit juices. I make homemade smoothies after my workout (my protein shake does not taste the nicest) so I mix a scoop of protein powder with fruit like blueberries and raspberries, add a bit of almond milk and ice and blend. It is really refreshing and I don’t have to dread my protein shake each time.