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Monday, 3 June 2013

Before and After

Check out Natasha Maloney's progress after three weeks of the Bikini Challenge. This just proves that eating clean and exercising for short periods at a high intensity really do give you the results you desire.

Remember there is no such thing as toning muscle. What one considers toning, is actually reducing your percentage of body fat and building muscle. In order to do this you need to be doing a combination of bodyweight and weighted exercises (the more weight the better) which gives you this 'toned' look.

You also need to be eating clean to reduce body fat and to also replenish your body with protein and nutrients in order for your muscles to recover and grow. Remember that muscles burn fat so the more muscle you have the more fat your burning and the higher your metabolism is.

If you haven't started the Bikini Challenge start it now and you too could see amazing results in a short time just like Natasha!


After 3 weeks