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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Irish Blog Awards 2013

The Irish Blog Awards have this year launched a new category ‘Best Blog of the Diaspora’ so that Irish people living overseas can be nominated.

I hope that my blog has educated people about clean eating and fitness and provided people with the knowledge to improve their health and self-confidence. My aim was to change peoples negative attitude towards fitness and show that the body of your dreams is attainable.  If you have been enjoying my blog I would really appreciate your support, so please click on the below link and nominate me under the Best Blog From The Irish Diaspora.

I have provided some information below that they ask, like email address and which county I am from. Remember nominations close on the 16th July.

Best Blog From The Irish Diaspora

This category is open to any blogger who has Irish roots and lives overseas. It can be about any topic and must be a good quality blog. Open to those blogging in all countries.

Email of blog you are nominating (This is required, only blogs with valid emails will be considered)

Name of blog you are nominating (required)
The Chic Physique

Web Address Of Blog You are nominating (required)

From which county in Ireland does the blogger hail from? (required)

Please state why you are nominating this blog for this category. Let us know why this is such a remarkable blog (required).
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