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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sun Protection

Clarins UV Plus HP Multi-Protection Day Screen SPF40 30ml

I was recommended this SPF by my friend Lisa. Both Lisa and her mother both use it everyday rain, hail or shine and they encouraged me to use it to protect my skin all year round.

This is the ultimate day sun protection. It is high protection and has SPF 40. It protects against both summer ageing and against the harmful rays of pollution which is ideal when living in London. It sits invisibly over the top of any day cream, or underneath your make up.

The SPF is very lightweight and oil free and soaks into your skin immediately. This is quite unusual for a sun cream that usually are greasy on your skin. It is also fragrant free. It has a pink tint that leaves the skin smooth and luminous.

The bottle is very small (30ml) but you only need the smallest amount to cover your face and neck. No joke this bottle has lasted me well over a year. So its a definite investment.

This is a must for all my friends in Australia too who are always exposed to the sun.

The bottle is about £30 or more. This product seems to be always sold out so make sure you get your hands on it and remember shop online and you will get a better deal.