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Monday, 15 July 2013

Victim of Overtraining

I took a break from training after my holidays, I felt worn out and wasn't looking forward to training like I usually am. I lost focus and motivation and constantly felt lethargic. I lost a nights sleep travelling back from Cuba and  no matter how much sleep and rest I got I still felt tired constantly. I now know that my lack of motivation and tiredness was probably the result of overtraining. My body needed the break and it allowed me to recuperate, focus and set new goals and motivate myself again. 

The downside is that after a week I can see my hard work already disappearing before my eyes. So I got back on track this morning, got up early (can't sleep in this heat) and got straight back into it #noexcuses. I started off with a light workout to ease myself back in. I forgot how I much I missed that aching muscle pain, the pain that tells you that you did a good workout. It is amazing that after just one workout I am already motivated and looking forward to my next training session. It can be such a mental thing, just one workout and you will be back motivated and ready to challenge yourself. 

So the lesson learned- do not overtrain! Overtraining is one of the worst things you can do as it may force you to stop training and coming back from training is not an easy thing to do. When it comes to training, too much or not enough of a good thing can be separated by a very fine line. It is extremely important for your muscles to get enough rest to recover and repair.

What are the symptoms?

If you pushed your body too hard you may have the following symptoms. BUILTLEAN list the top 7 overtraining symptoms:

1. Lack of Motivation-lost all drive and motivation to train. Your body is telling you to rest that you are overdoing it.

2. You feel extra sore following a big workout-Different than the usual soreness from training, it will linger for a few extra days and might be a little more painful.

3.You stop seeing results-working out too much can actually cause you to lose muscle and gain fat!

4.You become restless and lose focus

5. You feel sluggish all day

6. Chronic Soreness in your Joints, Limbs and Bones

7. You are sick more often- listen to your body your immune system is telling you that something is wrong.

How to Recover from Overtraining?

If you are wondering how to recover, FITDAY recommend that:

1. Rest your body frequently- one day of rest for every two days of exercise. Rest can be better for your body than a workout.

2.Rest for long periods of time-Every now and then, your body needs an extended break from exercise to make a full recovery. Even if you give your body a few days every week to rest, there's a good chance your muscles aren't fully repaired the next time you exercise. Try giving your body a string of eight to ten days every few months in order to give it the chance to recover fully. During this time, you should avoid working out. If you do have to work out, try doing some light cardio so that you still get the advantages of resting your body without putting it through a strenuous workout.

3.Eat Properly and Get Enough Sleep- the food that you take in helps you to repair your muscles.

4. Start Working Out Slowly-Start off with lighter workouts at first and  as you progress engage in harder workouts.

Keep a look out for new workouts and challenges coming very soon!