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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

5 Reasons to Drink Coffee

Coffee is one of the most effective pre-workout drinks. I usually have a cup of black coffee 30-40 minutes prior to my workout so that I can benefit from an added energy boost and all the health benefits that come with it.
WARNING: Remember that your coffee must be black with NO SUGAR.

 Here are 5 reasons to drink coffee:-

 1.       Accelerates fat loss

Coffee can help you slash fat faster. Caffeine increases your “fight or flight” hormones which trigger your body to break down fat and use it for fuel.

     2.       Increases performance

Several studies have demonstrated a link between caffeine intake before exercise and increased athletic performance.

3.       Improves focus

The increased energy pushes you through tough workouts. Black coffee provides an increase in mental focus as well.

4.       Decrease Muscle Pain

You can complete more reps at a higher resistance during your weight training sessions, and run faster and longer during cardio workouts.

5.       Antioxidant

Coffee and tea are great sources of powerful antioxidants. Did you know that even if you eat a healthy organic diet, the air you breathe and the products you use on your skin everyday are pumping you full of age accelerating toxins. These toxins not only make you feel and look older but they actually make it harder to lose fat. But coffee and green tea along with a healthy diet can help remove  the toxins so you can look younger and burn off the most stubborn fat.


A single spoon of sugar in your coffee completely wipes put all health benefits and switches off your fat burning. Sugar boosts blood sugar and insulin levels which causes the body to store fat. Sugar increases inflammation in your body which cancels out anti-aging health benefits. Inflammation also leads to both leptin and insulin resistance which causes fat to be stored and is difficult to remove.

So skip the specialty coffees at Starbucks  and opt for a plain coffee instead. If you need sweetener invest in stevia which is a natural sweetener.

New Approach

Nate Miyaki shares a very interesting approach to losing weight that I wanted to share with you. Nate goes against everything you read in health magazines or what you hear from health gurus. I love trying new ways of seeing results. What I have found in the last few years since I really got into fitness is that you have to constantly learn and try new things. Opinions change constantly and contradict themselves and it is up to you to try out what works for you and what you think gives you the best long lasting results. Remember this is a lifestyle change not something you are going to just do for a few weeks so it’s important for you to find something that you can see yourself sticking to for life.

Nate explains that the higher your insulin sensitivity the easier it is to lose fat. Coffee can help over the long term but in the short term after about 2-6 hours after consumption coffee actually drives your insulin sensitivity down. This is not a big deal unless you eat carbs when you are in a low insulin sensitivity. If you do this will more than likely be stored as fat.

How do you avoid this?

Drink coffee in the morning when you are in a fasted state to take full advantage of its fat burning power. Eat a low carb lunch. And then eat your carbs at night to restock your energy reserves and prime yourself for the next day’s rapid fat loss explosion.