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Friday, 22 November 2013


Calling all Irish people- turns out you can have a few drinks without putting on fat-want to know how?

We are coming into the festive season which means loads of parties, food and DRINK. It is so hard to avoid at this time of year. Even when we have great intentions to get fit and healthy there are always social events which keep popping up and setting us back each time. We find that we are constantly telling ourselves "I'll start again on Monday".

It is all about balance. The people we see on the front of magazines with perfect abs have a very strict diet and would never touch a drop of alcohol. We want their bodies but do we want that style of life. In order to avoid being a social outcast you need to strike a balance between enjoying yourself and not destroying all your hard work each time you have a few drinks. This is a way of life so it needs to be sustainable.
I don't drink that regularly and I work hard enough to be able to enjoy myself every now and again. I am not willing to completely cut it out of my life but I am willing to be smart about how I drink so that I don't ruin all my hard work and endanger my health. 
 What drink does to our bodies

Even drinking a moderate amount of alcohol can seriously increase your fat storage and make it harder to lose weight. After just a few drinks your body’s ability to burn fat can be totally shut down.

Nate Miyaki says it’s not all that bad if we follow his 3 simple strategies.

1.       Eliminate fatty foods on drinks night

Alcohol shuts down the body’s ability to oxidize fatty acids. In other words, it prevents you from using fat for fuel. So when you have a burger or chips on a night out, your body can’t use the fat you are eating and gets stored instead. Order a steak and side salads instead and you will wake up the next morning as lean as you were before you started drinking.


2.       Avoid sugary mixed drinks

Happy hour may be kind to our pockets but not to our hips. Cocktails are not our friend. They cause an insulin spike which causes all the calories to go straight onto your love handles. Skip the sugary mixed drinks and sip a glass of red wine or a whiskey on the rocks instead. Try drinks that demand to be sipped. Plus red wine has so many health benefits.
Read all the benefits here:


3.       Avoid Beer

Beer imitates the worst fat storing hormone.  Estrogen is responsible for causing excessive lower body fat in women and chest or belly fat for men. Beer contains “phytoestrogens” that mimic estrogen in the body. So limit your beer intake to one or two on a social occasion and move to wine or whiskey as recommended above.


It is also recommended to drink darker beers instead as they are full of beneficial anti-oxidants.
So see where you could make changes so you can still enjoy a night out and not ruin all your hard work!