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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


So I went back on gluten and dairy to see would I feel any different. After doing the 21 days gluten and dairy free I didn't think I felt any better than I usually do. However, when I went back to eating gluten and dairy I almost immediately felt the effects. My stomach was in ribbons and I couldn't get to sleep with the discomfort. So I obviously have some slight intolerance to gluten or dairy.

Currently I am in bulk mode. I have doubled my calorie in take for the next month so I can build up a lot more muscle. Looking forward to the first four weeks as I love eating. Then after that its shredding time for 8 weeks!

Here is my food dairy for today:


4 egg white omelette, mushrooms, cottage cheese, avocado

Porridge made with water with almond milk, cinnamon and banana on top.


Almonds, blueberries and Greek yoghurt


Homemade shepherds pie with sweet potato, carrots and green beans.


Turkey slices on rice crackers


Salmon, broccoli and cottage cheese


Protein shake morning and evening

Casein before bed


Worked back and biceps today! With a  pull up challenge this evening with my housemate in the kitchen!