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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Food Diary Day 14: New Year New You


2 egg white one yolk omelette mixed with cottage cheese (for extra protein), spinach, feta cheese and served with half an avocado.

Cod Liver Fish Oil

Snack 1:

Turkey slices and grapes.


Tuna salad- spinach, rocket, red pepper, egg, avocado, feta cheese. I bring a can of tuna separate as it gets quite soggy if you mix it all together the night before.

Snack 2:

Made a batch of my own Nakd bars. I think they are nicer if I do say so myself.

In your food processor throw:-

-almond meal
-rind of an orange
-coca powder
-desiccated coconut

(choose your own ingredients to suit your own taste)

Blend and voila your mix should be ready, roll into balls or whatever shape you like, seal in a container and put in fridge to set. These are great in between meals when you get hunger pangs.

Regarding a food processor- you don' t have to spend a fortune. I bought a cheap one in Argos £14.99 and its perfect for what I need it for. It's small in size and doesn't take up much room.


Salmon, broccoli, cauliflour and boiled potato.



30 minute weight session

- TRX push ups - 3 sets
- TRX Triceps - 3 sets
- TRX Chest extensions- 3 sets
- overhead Tricep extensions- 3 sets
- chest press- 3 sets
- tricep dips - 3 sets
- flat bench flys- 3 sets
- tricep kickbacks - 3 sets

How do I feel?

I didn't feel great yesterday, but back on form again today. Nice to have a day off but I can't help but feel guilty when I do. However, I need to remind myself that in order for my muscles to grow I need to rest.

The worst thing about eating clean is the preparation so if you are sick, or have to work late etc you are immediately out of sync with your plan! So it helps if you have someone like a friend or a partner to eat healthy with, so you can take it in turns to prepare dinner and lunch.