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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

If I want to lose weight should I avoid Carbs?

NO you should definitely not avoid carbs. If you eat carbs in the right way you can actually enjoy carbs and lose weight. Research has shown that eating carbs can in fact speed your fat loss when done at the right time.

There are two times of the day that ideal for eating carbs.

The best time is in the Morning:

After an overnight fast your glycogen stores (you carb stores) have depleted, so the carbs you eat the next morning at less likely to be stored as fat. Research shows that carbohydrate tolerance and insulin sensitivity are highest in the morning and only get worse as the day goes on. So try avoid carbs in the late evening hours and try eat your starchy carbs in the morning.

The second best time is after your Workout:

The only time that insulin sensitivity and carb tolerance is higher than in the morning is immediately following a workout. So eating carbs after an intense workout is a great way to refuel your energy stores and replenish your muscles without storing fat.