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Monday, 23 June 2014

No Gym, No Equipment, No Excuses

For my first year of training I did short and intense workouts in my bedroom with no equipment and saw really good results and got very fit. So stop making excuses, get out in this lovely weather and start doing some burpees! Here is a sample workout plan you can try in the park or in your garden. This is a short 10 minute intense workout that will burn that fat right off your abs! You need to give it your all for each 30 second interval. Don't forget to warm up.

Set your timer for 30/30/30
Round 1
30 seconds- Jumping Jacks
30 seconds- Ski Jumps
30 seconds- rest
Round 2
30 seconds- Basketball jumps
30 seconds- Squats
30 seconds- rest
Round 3
1 minute of burpees
Round 4
30 seconds- High Knees
30 seconds-Push ups
30 seconds rest