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Friday, 10 January 2014

Food Diary Day 9: New Year New You


Scrambled egg (1 yolk + egg white) made with almond milk
Smoked salmon

Shot of wheatgrass
Cod liver Fish oil

Snack 1:

Greek yoghurt + berries + almonds


Chicken salad- spinach, rocket, peppers, balsamic vinegar and chilli flakes

Snack 2:

Green tea
Nakd bar- if a shop near you doesn't sell them or as they are overpriced you can make them yourself which taste just as nice.


Vegetable layered pie- lean minced beef, courgettes, carrots, spinach and butternut squash topped with potato. My housemate stole my lasagne dish so had to use a cheesecake dish!!!!!


Raw Peanut/ CoconutTruffles


Did a 15 minute HIIT exercise before work which was a full body workout targeting all the main muscles.

How do I feel?

The biggest thing I noticed from before is that I don't get sluggish after lunch. However, I always eat quite healthy anyway so not seeing a major difference from how I felt clean eating with gluten and dairy then without. But I am going to keep it up as they say it takes over 21 days to feel the effects.